Version 1.0.0

- Real-time photorealistic HDR engine.
- Real-time visualization of your bracketed pictures. 
- Intelligent HDR fusion for a gorgeous rendering. 
- Automatic and manual image alignment. 
- Simple and intuitive render adjustment. 
- HDR composition with 2, 3, 5 or 7 bracketed pictures.
- Import all RAW formats accepted by OSX. 
- Export TIFF (8bits and 16 bits), jpeg or png. 
- No loss of EXIF data.

Version 1.3.0

logiciel hdr Mac Os X

- Improved automatic and manual alignment with support for perspective correction and rotation.
- Improved graphics engine.
- Exposure compensation function to facilitate the comparison of images.
- Ability to export original image bracketing.
- During export, automatically resizes possibly shifted images.
- Memory of backups and saves
- Incremental loading of thumbnail bracketing.
- Update of the ExifTool tool in version 10.12.
- Bypassing a problem encountered by users of DxO on certain lots of pictures (abnormal change in the size of one or two pixels).
- Compatibility Patch with the Leica case.
- Ability to remove EXIF control in preferences (fake HDR).
- Minor improvements.

logiciel hdr Mac Os X

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