Version 1.2.4

- Modified graphic interface for a better integration under Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
- Addition of a welcome panel.
- Minor bug fixes and optimizations.

Note to DxO users : photographers have signaled that MarScaper HDR refuses to process certain bracketing due to different picture resolutions. After investigation, the problem was found to be incumbent to DxO. For an unknown reason, DxO may alter the size of certain pictures by a few pixels despite identical exporting parameters. In order to warn you, MarScaper HDR now signals affected pictures. For your comfort, the next update will cut these pictures to bypass the problem.

Version 1.3.0

logiciel hdr Mac Os X

- Improved automatic and manual alignment with support for perspective correction and rotation.
- Improved graphics engine.
- Exposure compensation function to facilitate the comparison of images.
- Ability to export original image bracketing.
- During export, automatically resizes possibly shifted images.
- Memory of backups and saves
- Incremental loading of thumbnail bracketing.
- Update of the ExifTool tool in version 10.12.
- Bypassing a problem encountered by users of DxO on certain lots of pictures (abnormal change in the size of one or two pixels).
- Compatibility Patch with the Leica case.
- Ability to remove EXIF control in preferences (fake HDR).
- Minor improvements.

logiciel hdr Mac Os X

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